Nube Indigo is an anthropological fieldwork. It started in the streets and art markets of Mexico, and matured in New York City. Nube Indigo collects elements from different places in the world to put them together into harmonious and aesthetical pieces, just like a cloud. One can feel the weight of different cultures on the neck.


Nube, cloud, nuage, wolke, nuvem…no matter in what language, clouds belong to every culture. It is one of the many things we all share and appreciate. Clouds travel around the world carrying different smells and memories, bringing about a familiar feeling to different people with different looks.


Nube Indigo is handmade and each piece is born from impulses and passions. Everything can be turned into a gemstone and a jewelry piece. Nube Indigo explores with natural and recycled materials, with semiprecious stones and minerals, and in no way aims to perfection or symmetry. Each piece is unique; as it is all a process, no piece is repeated. Nube Indigo is meant to be enjoyable.